Hernia Mesh Product Recall

Compensation From Manufacturer

For Injuries Caused by Defects

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit & Product Recalls

If you or a loved one had a hernia mesh implanted after 2008, and suffered complications that required additional surgery, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Hernia mesh devices have been associated with design defects that could lead to revision surgeries and life-threatening complications.

You could be compensated for mediacal bills, loss of a loved one, pain & suffering, emptional distress and loss of income.

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What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action is a lawsuit that is brought by one or several people on behalf of everyone who has suffered the same problem with the same business or institution.

The group of people is called the “class.” The action collects all of the class members’ claims into one larger claim. If damages are awarded, the entire class shares in the award.

The advantage of a class-action suit in a consumer case is that it aggregates claims that individually may be too small to justify pursuing legal action.

Bringing a single action is more efficient and cost-effective because it avoids numerous individual lawsuits that all involve the same facts and circumstances.

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